Best Blue-Black Or Dark Hair Dye?

I am thinking about coloring my hair black at home. I am coloring my locks for years so I know very well what I am doing. I’ve contacts to professional hair dye that only experts can get. My cousin is a cosmetologist. So it doesn’t matter is it’s supermarket hair dye or pro stuff, I just need to find out which is the best brand you’ve used for dark or (preferrably) blue-black dye? Any help would be valued!

Did you ask this question before? I cannot remember. 🙁 But I’ve solved a question about blue-black locks color just recently. The very best blue-black color I’ve used is “Starry Night” by L’Oreal Feria. My hair came out to be always a rich, sultry dark with a metallic blue tint. It depends upon how nice hair is.

It also is dependent if you want a blueish tint or not. I’d go with “Starry night” by Feria, or “Blue-Black” by Garnier 100% color. Garnier seems to have more of a blue hue to it. Both are permanent dyes. When you have usage of pro stuff, Shades EQ by Redken has a color called Onyx that’s a blue dark.

You can mix in a blue “kicker” to get more blue if you wanted. That’s a semi-perm color. Not sure if it’s made by them in their perm lines also. Just about any pro-series has a dark includes and dark/blue-black color boosters like blue. If you access and a cousin willing to help, I’d used the pro stuff.

It’s probably of a better quality, I’d envisioned. I’m in the same search. Night locks color I heard a great deal about L’Oreal Starry. It’s probably the bluest blue black dye out there on the consumer market. A lot of individuals swear by it but it fades terribly too also. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as long-lasting blue black dye.

All dyes fade, and if you don’t want it to fade, black dye is the best then. Maybe you’ll get the best results at the salon but I prefer DIY so I’ll stick to products I understand how to use. I put used L’Oreal Preference 2.1 Onyx Sheen before with good results quite. It could be found at Sally Beauty shop.

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