Weight Loss Surgery The Pros And Cons

Nine years ago I made the choice to have lap-band surgery and at this time I’m 80lbs thinner. I must say that this road traveled has not been easy as I knew it wouldn’t and why? Because I, like everybody else that’s obese, has a love for food and did not know when to quit. My weight loss program consisted of two dunkin doughnut cinnamon rolls for breakfast, some junk food before lunch, a big fried hamburger for lunch, extra chocolate in the afternoon, a giant greasy dinner and some cake earlier than mattress. In the midst of the night time I would get up and eat cereal, cookies, or no matter I may get my palms on.

Today my weight loss plan encompass an egg or protein shake for breakfast, some greek yogurt mid morning, some type of protein for lunch or a salad, fruit within the afternoon and fish or hen for dinner with a vegetable. It has made my life simpler however not all roses and cream cheese. There are occasions it has really been horrible but they do not inform you these issues.

You go to a nice little seminar with different weight loss surgery patients before and after they usually provde the spiel about how they are going to save your life with weight loss surgery. I’ve actually felt like a prisoner in my very own physique. If you happen to comply with your docs weight loss plan you’ll drop extra pounds. You will get your life again and you will really feel higher. You’ll be capable to get off of some medications for prime blood strain and the gastric by go is thought to cure diabetes. You will grow to be extra lively.

  • Minutes (Use a stopwatch or clock)
  • BBG or PWR applications
  • 1 Tomato, chopped
  • 1/2 cup of “Stuff” (I used chopped Pecans, Golden Raisins and Unsweetened Coconut)
  • You’re having hassle swallowing
  • 2003 Evergreen State Championships – 1st Place medium
  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Being obese

You will be alive to see your kids grow up and have grandchildren. You will love your self and not dread trying in the mirror daily. You will not be told your physique might be starved for the primary couple of months. Your calorie intake will solely be about 500 calories total for the day.

You won’t be capable to eat extra then that after surgical procedure. You will principally be on a liquid weight-reduction plan a month earlier than and a month after. That’s when most of your weight loss will occur quickly. You will have to train. You can’t sit around like a sofa potato and anticipate the weight just to fall off. They don’t tell you that the band can erode in your stomach causing your stomach contents to leak out in to your physique and trigger you to become septic.

You’ll have to eat like a child as soon as you possibly can eat food. The lap-band is the one that has more issues like food getting caught and spending time within the bathroom trying to vomit to get it to move nevertheless it will not. That is the fun part. Blood clots to the lungs, leaks in the new surgical intestine connections, bleeding ulcers, heart assaults, Gall stones usually requiring gallbladder removal.