From Primitive Caves To Modern Lofts

Have you ever tried to remember the very first time when you found yourself looking at an abstract artwork or an abstract painting? Do you remember the thoughts or emotions you’d in what you were taking a look at? In the Western culture, abstract designs are located in many forms. The entrance of abstract expressionism in NY was the dawn of a fresh peaceful, artistic revolution where the artist began to rebel overtly against the status quo. He began a new period where he could freely create towards the future and change the existing scene for a much better tomorrow.

On the greater textural part, Jackson Pollock began to re-arrange his easel and decorated as he delighted, expressing himself by pouring the color from within unto the canvas, as he sensed. In great contrast to Pollock, Barnett Newman’s color-field paintings are open fields of huge empty areas for the viewer to step into them and envision what they would like to put in place them.

Now, for the sake of simplicity, we’re able to categorize art into only representational artwork and abstract artwork. Representational art being what we recognize in association to familiar items instantly, vs. Let’s suppose we are looking at a representational art, scenery where it depicts a mossy wooded area cloaked in a minimal fog with a cascading shallow stream running right through it. We can all trust what we are considering, appreciate the quality of its beauty, and some folks become awestricken by its magic and feel the mist in the air and smell the moss even.

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We like to look at it as a pleasurable experience. We sense that it is peaceful, because it has the tendency to make you feel good. It can help us – even if it’s for a short moment – forget our troubles, and transforms our disturbances into a new level of calm, to the idea that people could there be, inside our imagination.

We walk away from the painting and look at other paintings that will not produce the same thoughts and emotions, and we convert and appearance at it again and again, wanting to have more of the same enjoyable experience. Pleasure is exactly what we are experiencing. This is actually the emotional response we feel towards this very representational artwork that we fully understand.

It communicated to us a certain message within the limitations of its technical knowledge, by which it was made. The technical experience wasn’t the initial visual attraction, however. It had been the message that it communicated to us aesthetically, that fascinated us. The virtuosity by which it was created becomes secondary to the significance of the message and the quality of its delivery. Even though the message doesn’t have to really have the same meaning for each viewer, it is the mixture of both, the message and the technical expertise that bring about an understanding that triggers the viewer to respond psychologically.