Since the inception of our Whole30 program in April 2009, we’ve made a very important factor abundantly clear: This is not a weight-loss program. It’s not just a diet, it’s not a quick fix, and it’s certainly not a “17-Day Get Skinnier Than Your Friends” kind of strategy. But that doesn’t mean we don’t recognize or value your bodyweight reduction goals. Today, we are so happy to feature Whole30’ers who have lost quite a lot of weight because of an over-all Paleo template and our Whole30 program. These people may have lost weight, but they’ve regained so much more-their health, their self-confidence, their sense of self-worth and self-love.

These stories beautifully represent the essence of the Whole30 program. Read, be inspired and start your own Whole30 journey today. Today, I look in the mirror and see love and beauty, calm and kindness, and above all, respect. I could have punished myself with the fitness center, and obsessed over calories from fat, but the success that I have achieved by carrying it out from a location of self-love and self-respect is worth a lot more than the size of my slacks.

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  • Add 1-2 mugs of hot water (not boiling drinking water) to this
  • Poor working technique
  • Don’t gorge at your first meal
  • Make your daily diet well balanced; include vegetables, fruit, and non-fatty milk products in your diet
  • Increasing fats oxidation
  • Extreme Weight Loss: Season Five Renewal for ABC Summer Series

Even now, as I’ve seen incredible results and transformed my life, the driving factor has remained how I feel. Do Personally I think in control, happy, sane? I’ve found that concentrating on important internal things rather than lots on the level or a trousers size has switched the Whole30 into a lifestyle for me, and that means that it’s sustainable.

The side-effect of loving myself through a framework of Whole30 has been a weight loss up to 80 pounds, and many skin and pain conditions have solved themselves completely. My life won’t be the same and I’ve Melissa, Dallas, and the Whole30 to thank for the! After I got from the Marine Corps, my bad behaviors caught up to me.

I turned to caffeine to keep me going and developed a significant addiction to regular pop. I self-diagnosed myself with IBS, acid reflux, insomnia, depression, and experienced various discomfort and problems. January 2005 In, my cholesterol was high and they called my fasting glucose “pre-diabetes.” I was identified as having metabolic symptoms.

In 2010 I had been put on all kinds of different medication for my center, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. In 2013, I used to be almost 300 pounds. I was consuming over 2, each day in pop only 000 calories from fat. My health (both physically and mentally) were at all-time lows. On July 10, 2013 I switched to a Paleo-inspired diet.

I eliminated all sweets, pop, bread, and everything-processed food items almost. Month I lost 20 pounds the first, after half a year I needed lost 81 pounds. I also started exercising. I “ran” a mile in 21 minutes. While researching Paleo recipes I came across the Whole9/Whole30 websites, and the basic idea intrigued me. I’m the type or kind of person who finds it simpler to have a black and white diet. If I allow myself to cheat a little, I end up cheating a lot usually.

I used a lot of great resources on the sites and purchased It Starts With Food. On January 4 I started my Entire30, 2014, and lost another 19 pounds. I’m not hungry, I’m eating good healthy foods just. Since July 10, 2013 I have lost more than 100 pounds.