Green Life In Dublin

Today I am coming at you with three super-simple DIYs that are in heavy rotation in my own house. The first is body oil First, the yellow looking one in the very best left cup jar. The substances are super simple, coconut oil, Weleda body oil, and orange essential oil to provide amazing fragrance.

Seriously how do I live without it for so long? Second is the lip butter. Again, the ingredients are super simple, coconut oil, honey, and beeswax. In the double boiler, melt a tablespoon of oil with a teaspoon of grated beeswax, stir until it’s melted and quickly remove heat taking care not to burn yourself. I am using a vintage recycled steel tin. Third is the deodorant, I saved the best going back – this simple DIY shall save your valuable life!

That is kinda exaggerating things, but I am too soo pleased to have found this recipe online a while back. Natural deodorants don’t work, full stop! That is one area I struggled the most since going green, because nobody wants to smell, right? And after throwing away so much money on natural deodorants that wouldn’t do anything I said enough is enough and made this simple concoction and haven’t appeared back!

  • Ngee Ann City #05-25A/B
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  • Use extreme caution when styling eyelashes to avoid pinching side of eye or breaking lashes
  • Chafing from the thighs massaging collectively while walking or working out
  • Use rubber gloves for hands while working with water
  • Toning is Essential
  • Avon ANEW ULTIMATE Age Repair Elixir
  • Should Animals be Kept in the zoo? Essay

I used to bike 6km for my morning commute (and the same back) and I didn’t smell at all! Disclaimer – I am not just a doctor, nor I am letting you know to do the dishes defined here. I am sharing what works for me personally, and you may check it out or not at your own peril. You can be allergic to any ingredient under the sun, whether natural or not.

So I try not to think about this scary thought), sparked a basic idea for a complete novel, and IS a complete novel now. Um, how did that happening even? It had been originally just going to be always a little story I write for a contest and that is that. And here I am, years later a with a fully finished, 84k word first draft in my lap almost. I don’t even know how to process this. But nonetheless, am I happy about finishing? YES I AM ABOUT TO EXPLODE WITH EXCITEMENT. LET ME SQUEAL A MOMENT JUST.

Yeeeah, I have news about this. Remember could was all likely to interact on Rooglewood Press’s next contest, the Sleeping Beauty one? I needed the beginnings of a fun idea and everything rather. Wellll. . .I’m considering I receive be entering this season. See, my secret hope was that I’d finish Burning Thorns in June, take a writing break in July, in August and begin my Sleeping Beauty Novella.

Obviously that didn’t happen. Okay, so I’ll finish BT by mid-July, have a slightly shorter break, and write the novella then. Again, the plan failed. BT kept taking longer than I thought it would just. And, well, I’m burned out on the writing entrance pretty. I think I have another writing project in me right now don’t. The problem is, I’d have to begin very soon because it’d probably take me in regards to a month or even more to write a 20k novella.

Then I’d have to edit it and obtain it all polished perfectly for the competition before December. Which wouldn’t be a large deal, except we have to add NaNoWriMo into the equation. This year’s NaNo is going to take a LOT of plotting, of Oct for NaNo plotting and I always use all, and then of course November is write-my-novel-and-do-nothing-else-like-a-crazy-person month.

And in December I need a BREAK. So. August and Sept to create Basically I’d had, edit, and publish a 20k novella that I don’t have even plotted or anything if I’m heading to become listed on in on the competition. After spending SO enough time on Burning Thorns, I simply don’t think I can do it really.