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1. The first worrisome thing for me personally would be that the subsidy issue could be dealt with in isolated. One argument would be that the subsidy, if preserved, will grow as time passes. Obviously. If the population grows and the overall economy increases and if the value of money falls. This happens because the subsidy is a percentage of the overall economy. How, could it be not just a wilful misrepresentation of statistics to estimate a shape projected over time and presents the total amount as a ballooning amount? I am definitely not towards subsidies, but I would like the facts about them to be present properly.

2. The second worrisome thing would be that the justification for the removal of subsidies, apart from (1) above, is not clear either. If it so the authorities can devote to other tasks or is it to lessen the deficit. If the deficit is the pressing issue, subsidies and other projects may have to be cut.

And, by description, going for a reduced budget deficit as per the GDP without any improvement to the investment weather, is a policy move that will stimulate a tough economy in the local economy definitely. 3. The third worrisome thing is investment. We ought to dispose of this old Keynesian thought (not necessarily Keynes’) that even wasteful government projects will trigger off renewed growth throughout the market through the multiplier impact. Recent local financial background has disproved this hypothesis. Given the leakages in the economy, and even the GLCs are now going overseas to investment, the income multiplier of any nationwide authorities expenses is likely to be less than the sum spent on tasks.

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There should be a clear-cut technique to encourage local private investments, the most important element of which is confidence of the people in the consistency of government policies. My optimism would be that the national Federal government has taken some positive leads especially in the NKRAs of corruption and education. The largest challenge is the NEM, which must be about the encouragement of local private investments.

To enable consumers to compare rates quoted over different intervals, many government bodies require finance institutions to determine the full total substance interest over a year. This is the AER. Just how much interest is earned by trading 2100 for 3 years at 4.5 percent compounded once a month? P is the main amount, r is the annual rate expressed as a decimal, it is the number of years, and n is the number of that time period per year that interest is compounded.

Gretchen just got a fresh credit card that provides an introductory APR of 4.8 for the first 4 a few months and a standard APR of 15.6 thereafter. If interest is compounded regular what is the periodic interest? The monthly rate is 1.22%, approx. A loan at 6 percent interest over 5 years What is the total result?

If the interest is easy interest, then the value by the end of 5 years is 1.3 times the initial investment. If the eye is compounded annually, then the value by the end of 5 years is 1.3382 times the original investment. If the eye monthly is compounded, then the value by the end of 5 years is 1.3489 times the initial investment.

Is there a cover of how much interest for personal loan? Depends on the constant state. Many are 18%, however, many are as high as 24%. What is the rate in California? How much wood would the bank add if you had 300 for 3 years? Hum, I think you’ll once a month want to buy to compound. As your capital monthly is going down, down every month your interest charges would go.

If you compound it every six months, you finish up paying for capital you paid already, 2,3,4 or 5 5 months before. If, your capital never goes down then interest charges compounded monthly would be higher rather than semiannually. When is the eye paid on Business Time Deposit Accounts? The frequency with which you choose to get your interest payment depends on the term of your company Time Deposit Account.