If That’s The Case, What Did You Think?

Lee Daniels’ The Butler is excessive on my listing of movies to see. However, after I first realized about it (previous to Lee Daniels’ title being added), I assumed the story had been inspired by a novel. Then I discovered that it was actually based mostly on the biographical account of Eugene Allen.

From what I’ve read, the film differs significantly from Allen’s life by including drama to an already beautiful and emotional story! If you are fascinated about learning the facts from the fiction, this is an excerpt from Douglas Cobb’s article Fact and Fiction in Lee Daniels’s The Butler, which appeared in the August 17, 2013 situation of The Las Vegas Guardian Express.

Click the hyperlink for the full story. Allen arrived in Washington, DC, throughout the great Depression. The actual Allen met his wife, Helene, in Washington at a birthday get together. Gaines, then again, meets his spouse, Gloria, at a Washington hotel the place they both work earlier to Gaines touchdown his job at the White House. Also, Allen didn’t start working as a butler from Day One on the White House; fairly, he started off as a pantry worker and was later promoted to the job of the butler. Cecil Gaines, within the film, gets his job as the White House butler after first serving as an administrator of the White House in a resort restaurant.

As properly, each better versions have been working within the kitchen of the White House on the day of Kennedy’s assassination, the identical day Jacqueline introduced each with a tie as a gift, and a memento. Both Allen and Gaines get invited to Kennedy’s funeral, however each volunteer, as an alternative, to remain behind at the White House, reasoning that somebody had to serve the attendees as they returned from the funeral.

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One place where there’s a major difference in the film’s depiction is that Charles Allen, Eugene’s son, was not the Black Panther and political activist that Gaines’s son is within the movie. Also, Charles by no means ran for a political workplace, whereas Gaines’s son does. Though there was some tension between Allen and his son over sure civil rights issues, in real-life Charles Allen worked as an investigator for the State Department and never ran for public office. The movie’s Gaines, as well as the precise White House butler, Allen, had been invited by President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan to a state dinner in the White House.The state dinner was for the West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Also, each Allen and Gaines are supporters of Obama when he runs for the office through the 2008 presidential election. Allen and his spouse had been married sixty-five years at the time. He was given a VIP invitation to President Obama’s inauguration, based on the article in Times, and he cried as he watched the ceremony. Adding more drama always makes a true story more thrilling!

Have you seen Lee Daniels’ The Butler yet? If so, what did you suppose? Thanks for visiting and have an ideal week! By the way, when you just like the time period depicted in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, try The Governor’s Sons–historical fiction with lots of romance and suspense. Please, excuse my shameless self-promotion!

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