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This post is an addition to and a growth of the Tips for Picking Your Forever Homestead post. In it you were given by us a system to use to evaluate property, eliminate the ones that do unfit your family as well as your hopes, and pick the one that you can make your forever home hopefully. I believe this post will help you.

Why am I standing here? This is actually the single most important aspect of if you will be able to achieve your goals in anything, more so on your homestead even. Your knowledge, skill, physical ability, and the amount of money and time you can invest will know what you can accomplish and exactly how quickly you can certainly do so.

Some things on a homestead have a steep learning curve. If you are like I am, you will find that your best restrictions are time and money quickly. When you have more of 1 than the other you may still find things you can do, but it is a complete lot tougher.

By doing a genuine self evaluation you might find that you will have to modify your timeline. We will receive a lot deeper into that later, but you must have a good understanding of your weaknesses and talents. I think that most folks have goals in mind when they do most things, if that goal is something that others would think unimportant even.

If something is an objective, it’s important to you. Setting goals when it comes to a homestead is a not very much different from setting up goals for a lifetime career. You must decide the destination that you wish to achieve. George Harrison had a member of the family collection in a song that proceeded to go, “Unless you know where you’re going any road will take you there.” That is more so when it comes to your homestead even. Are somethings to ask yourself and some considerations for every Here.

Are you wanting to make an income from your homestead? Are you wanting to produce most of your family’s food? Do you want to have pets on your homestead? Are you willing to market a product? Do you want to allow people to come to your homestead? If the selection was used by you process we suggested in Tips for Picking Your Forever Homestead, you have an initial plan already.

You should take the time to develop this course of action before you get too far into the process. I have known some people who they purchased a piece of land they started planting things once. They didn’t have a plan at all. They would place a tree and a shrub there then one else over there here.

There was no rhyme or reason to where they put anything. If someone were to purchase the land from them, they would have either needed to cut or move shrubs and trees to be able to do most anything. Graph paper is your friend. You can scale up or down your plan based on how big are your premises and the size of the graph paper.

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Even when you have to get one of the best pieces of poster board that gets the really faint grid, I’d use one of these. You can certainly do a proper design of your premises plan with empty paper, but you’ll have to establish a scale and use a ruler to get the measurements correct.

If you merely hand sketch your plan the measurements will be off and it will be easy to make errors. Take this extra step. I understand I just informed you that you had to truly have a plan and today I am letting you know never to be too specialized in the plan.