The Incredible Science Behind How Live Moss Filters The Air

The Power Of Moss

In many of our cities and towns, air pollution has emitted an enormous impact on human health, causing acute and chronic respiratory diseases. However, amidst all the threats that we face, there is a little-known natural phenomena that can help us combat air pollution: moss. Complement your reading and expand your knowledge of the topic with this specially selected external content. interior design, discover new perspectives and additional information!

Moss has been found to be capable of cleaning the air pollution by absorption and utilization capabilities. Moss can capture airborne pollutants, collect it in its cells, and convert it into vital nutrients by photosynthesis. This process makes it an active contributor to cleaning the air.

Positive Impact of Green Vertical Walls

Nowadays, green vertical walls are becoming a new way to improve the quality of air inside and outside the buildings. Building facades, due to their architectural design, receive a lot of sunlight, which facilitates moss growth. Moss has a high capability to grow in a vertical position, which makes it a favorite of architects. When vertically positioned, the greeneries act as vertical walls that absorb the air pollution, which can reduce the temperature inside the building.

Moss Reduces Noise Pollution

Did you know that moss can also aid in reducing noise pollution? It is because of the green leafy structure of moss, which is an important factor in absorbing sound waves. It means that moss saturated green vertical walls can become a natural sound buffer for buildings that are at high-risk locations.

Benefits of Research

Scientists and researchers are continuously studying the capacity of moss to absorb air pollution and various toxins that affect human health. They have discovered a kind of moss known as Sphagnum, which is very effective in removing harmful heavy metals like copper, arsenic, and lead from the air. The pollution absorbing capacity of this species of moss is ten times stronger than any other plant. Visit this external resource to get additional information on the topic. living wall, dive deeper into the subject.

The Incredible Science Behind How Live Moss Filters The Air 1


There are many ways to combat air pollution, however, utilizing moss has become an efficient method of doing so. Compared to other air purifiers, moss requires no electricity or maintenance and can work 24/7. The combination of moss and vertical walls can also be beneficial in reducing noise pollution. As science continues its study of moss, we can only hope that these natural wonders become Learn more with this online resource utilized in our everyday lives.