Are VPNs Legal In Saudi Arabia?

Do your home is or work in Saudi Arabia? Want unrestricted usage of the free, open internet while you’re there – unencumbered by Saudi Arabia’s stringent censorship guidelines? Utilizing a VPN can help you there – but the question remains: since Saudi Arabia is so oppressive and controlling of the internet, are VPNs even legal to use? In this guide, we’ll give you the short-answer form of whether VPNs are legal in Saudi Arabia, then guide you through the criteria we used to select the best VPNs for the working job. We’ll give you our list, then expand on Saudi Arabia’s censorship policies and exactly how VPNs can help you get around them.

VPNs – Legal or not in Saudi Arabia? The shortest answer we can Yes give is -. Although, the Saudi Arabian government actively censors the access to the internet and activity of its users (including blocking as much as 5.5 million sites). In fact, the Guardian once called it the leader of Arab regimes in conditions of censorship.

Still, they haven’t completely outlawed VPN utilization yet. So, with so many sites obstructed, utilizing a VPN to get around this censorship may be toeing the range – but doing so with a VPN is still completely legal. Now that you know that VPNs are legal in Saudi Arabia, how will you pick the best one to use?

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With the huge amounts of free and paid VPNs out there, it could be overwhelming looking to sort through it all. Lucky for you, we did it already – and here are the requirements we used. Strong encryption – To make the list, each VPN we viewed needed powerful encryption capable of bypassing geo-blocks and censorship.

They also had to be challenging enough to keep your identity, real location, and traffic secure and hidden. Device compatibility – With so many internet surfers in Saudi Arabia counting on mobile devices, it only is practical that your VPN have software to protect your smartphone, tablet, or other device.

Each VPN on our list had to be compatible with the most typical os. Server network size – Having a big server network available means you have a higher agency over your VPN experience. Pick the best server based on location, on latency, or on other built-in features of your service provider might offer.

More servers equals more options for confirmed use-case. Zero-logging plan – Many monitor, record, and then sell your data to third parties. If you’re going to perform the same information through a VPN, you want to avoid that nagging problem, too. So each VPN we included on our list below have sturdy no-logging guidelines to keep your details the way it should be: private. Not only is it one of the quickest providers on the marketplace, ExpressVPN offers encryption protocols so strong, it would take an incredible number of years for the world’s supercomputer to crack it and get at your data better.