GALACTIC NEWS: January 2019

2 others. It has to do with their financial policy, it shall have to do with concerns on inflation & deflation. Normanros: To carry out a GCR you have to market the world’s investors on grounds to take action, and that’s exactly what they’re doing to bring the markets down.

NormanRos: IMF STATEMENT ON CNBC THIS MORININ! Art Cashin, who’s the UBS director of floor functions at NYSE and has been focusing on the trading floor for 47 years, “Most currencies revalue on the weekend when nobodies at home.” He ought to know. Bamaltc: Just spoken to my WF consultant about some other business.

  • Complete two courses per seven-week session
  • Define control sequences aesthetically using the Processing Sequence Editor – without coding
  • Used products buy sale
  • The manager targets systems and structure; the leader focuses on people

Asked her if she’d heard the currency issues in the news. She said that she has been hearing some “rumblings” of currency revaluations but nothing at all concrete. It had been thought by me was good info. We have a longtime friend in Cincinnati. Talking about her job, she says she actually is working on a special project for a huge bank.

I thought that was a pretty cool statement – always considered about the call center people just sitting around! Today Papa Keep Do you think Bluwolf is right? I AM HOPING Bluwolf is right! Today is Ben B last day on the job and the farm expenses gets voted on by Senate hopefully on Tues. Just read Bluwolf’s post, pray that it’s true this time.

Papa Bear Good bye Ben, doesn’t allow the door hit you in the at the rear of. The Baghdad authorities, the GOI, has retained an attorney to consider whether or not the Kurds are exporting oil illegally. It appears as of this right time they are only concerned with what might have been pumped through the new pipeline, calendar year not what was trucked out of the region by the Kurds last. BLM would come after them filing criminal charges/fines.

I know they have described Iran as an essential oil ally in the future in other articles, but this one seems devoid of that. 18 were killed during this strike. The Interior Ministry feels there will be more of these episodes on Baghdad in arriving days in an attempt to draw security pushes attention from the fighting with each other in Anbar. Budget until further notice ..

We know by now the budget had not been resolved in the Thursday program of Parliament credited to too little quorum. Ministry of Electricity and failing to deliver power lines into the region. What counts a lot more than where you are is the path you ‘re going. That’s something you can change if you want instantly.

You cannot create an instant achievement, yet you can be going in the direction of whatever achievement you choose instantly. From wherever you are, there are a path and a direction. Your task for right now is never to get completely there. Your responsibility in this moment is to keep yourself moving in the direction that will eventually get you completely there.