Sixteen Weeks OVER THE Optifast Diet At Kaiser

Tonight’s Kaiser cohort conference was our last meeting of the first 30 weeks of this program. We graduate to “lifestyle” meetings at this point, a week that are held several times. Within our graduation, we saw a slideshow of before and after pictures, and members had a chance to share how much they’d lost, and any other comments they might want to make about this program. It had been very interesting, therefore impressive how much weight had been lost.

Two people weren’t there, and two different people didn’t point out the weight-loss amount. Two others had lost thirty-something pounds. Everybody else got lost in the sixties and fifties, with the exception of one man (whose girl is also inside our cohort) who got lost eighty-something pounds – wow! He pointed out that he had never lost more than 20 pounds on some other diet. The next photo Kaiser will take of us will be at 82 weeks!

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That’s how many weeks they need us to maintain the program, going to as many lifestyle meetings as possible. So that is clearly a yr from now, 52 weeks. I’m wishing I am at the same or less in those days. I’m too old (and too frugal) to do this yet again!

For me it would have been a justification to eliminate all the holiday leftovers by consuming them over the weekend! The season was just a little different This, there are almost no remaining since I didn’t binge bake. It is not a great deal to freeze for a later need, like a party or dispose of. This year, I’ve decided to concentrate on the bigger picture of my own body and how it feels rather than sticking with a plan no real matter what. I’ve been too focused on the details and working whatever plan 100% ‘right’ and getting frustrated when the results weren’t what I expected.

Lyn, over at Escape from Obesity, could be writing some of her articles for me sometimes. She posted a “State of your body” blog last week to kick start her journey this year. I am totally ripping off her idea. I wish to have this post as a baseline to measure my progress. So, with apologies to Lyn for butchering her wonderful idea, here’s my State of the Body. Weight on January 3: 220.2. I have measured the typical areas on my body as well. I plan to consider and measure the three waistline actions weekly daily.

The findings of FLINT, or the Farnesoid X Receptor Ligand Obeticholic Acid in NASH Treatment Trial, were released online Nov. 6 in The Lancet. FLINT was sponsored by the NIH’s National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Averell Sherker, M.D., NIDDK program official for the NASH Clinical Research Network (NASH CRN), which performed the FLINT study. Liver health improved in 45 percent of individuals on OCA versus 21 percent of the placebo group.

FLINT enrolled 283 people at eight centers across the country. On the study’s start, participants were 18 and old and have been diagnosed with definite or borderline NASH. These were randomly assigned to 1 of two groups: one took 25 milligrams of OCA daily and one received a placebo that resembled the OCA pill. The scholarly study was double-blinded, so neither participants nor researchers understood that person was where group.