HOW EXACTLY TO Create AN INTERNET Press Room For Your Business

Does your web site work for the press and experts that visit? How much time and money will your company spend promoting your web site, your business, your services, technologies, and products to the world? What happens when an editor comes to your website and tries to find information?

Can they find what they want or instead, do they away click, instead going to 1 of your competition’ web sites to get the knowledge they need? Over my 25-12 months career as a PR and journalist advisor, I have seen many sites that just did not work for the press.

Wearing my writer head wear, I have experienced way too many sites that made me convert away in irritation, struggling to find the information that is needed. Your Press Room site should be an important element of your PR, marketing, and sales plans. Unlike your staff, your web press room is working and open for you 24/7. Editors and writers often work late during the night, on the holiday season and weekends whenever your PR and marketing groups aren’t available.

Your website and its own press room need to be able to provide all the info needed. First off, make your Press Room no problem finding – you can put a web link onto it form the front web page – labeling it as News, Press, or even Press Room. I’ve seen too many companies that bury their press rooms three or four clicks away.

The only reason that I as an editor persisted to get the press page was that I understood the info was there someplace. Press Releases – Obviously you want to include links to your press announcements and releases. However, make sure the list is current. As the release goes out soon, make sure it is up on your web site also.

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Please, don’t require an editor to complete a contact form to get your press releases. Not only does an editor not have the time for they will just give you a false name and contact number anyhow probably. I have heard marketing folk say that they don’t really want the competition having access to the on announcements. When you have distributed the press releases and got some coverage, (which is the whole point of PR), those releases and info should already be anyhow available on the web.

Don’t post your for announcements as PDFs. Editors and authors prefer to have the ability to cut and past information from your press releases easily, data sheets and other online documents. Post them as straight text on the internet page. Usually do not convert your articles into JPG’s and images – make it possible for writers to access and “borrow” your articles to market your products and services. Not merely will it make it easier for writers, it also makes your site a lot more internet search engine friendly this means better “organic” or natural her’s. Finally, you might have heard about the “Long Tail”.