Vietnam Airlines To Fly London Ho Chi Minh City Route

The British Embassy said Viet Nam Airlines programs to use up to four services a week to London, double from Ho Chi Minh City and twice from Ha Noi. United Kingdom airlines are thinking about commencing services also, it said. Vietnam Airlines programs to use B777-200ER for immediate services to London. Rob Lally, deputy director of the UK Investment and Trade in Asia company, said a growing number of British investors were seeking to do business in Viet Nam. Viet Nam would become a tourism hub for holidaymakers wishing to travel to Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

Some recent advancements in the fintech space, however, indicate weaknesses in fintech companies. LendingClub the poster son company for P2P lending has seen its stocks tumble, wiping out about a third of its market value. This arrived as it faces scrutiny following its creator and CEO resigned pursuing an investigation into incorrect loan sales. The US Treasury has released a report criticizing the P2P financing business, suggesting it to be more regulated tightly. As well as the jury is still out as to whether traditional banks here will eventually lose significant elements of their businesses to biotech start-ups. WHO dominates the phone dominates the web.

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