Indusind – Very High Risk Of Investments With Indusind Bank

I spent to near about 1 crore in their fixed deposit instrument looking at the attractive interest rates these were offering. Along with this, i had to open a savings bank account with them. I was planning to make investments another 3 crores with them. Account opening was delayed much beyond guaranteed timelines and bank or investment company executives/acting manager didn’t care and attention.

They made several fake promises. The presssing issue was escalated to the highest degree of grevience, who got another 5 times to respond and take action. Even then bank or investment company manager or romantic relationship manager didn’t care and attention and confessed that they messed-up with details access in system and today its trapped midway. Finally, after a whole lot of struggle, it was opened and the escalation team assured me such careless instances wouldn’t do it again.

Throughout they didn’t care that i’m bringing in high-value investment to the lender. Support offered was extremely horrible. I received certificates for everyone my fds never. There have been multiple couriers delivered to me. One was recived open up First, documents had been taken out and missing. I escalted but no one to the best degree of escalation cared to find them or took responsibility.

  • Transportation and processing expense decreased by 8% sequentially to $0.46 per Mcfe
  • More furnishing options for smaller areas
  • For an organization which is 100% owned by a Holding company, no Director will provide the Guarantee
  • The current yield of a bond will equal its coupon rate when the bond is selling at par value
  • Karantaka (Rs 62 to 74)
  • Quaint commercial districts with interesting, local shops and restaurants
  • Invest in crowdfunded real estate
  • Three 4-plex bundle in SW Ft Worth – Class C area – $750,000

Another courier proclaimed as shipped was a fake status, i contacted the manager, relationship supervisor, all the escalation factors but i used to be asked to figure it out with courier service on my own. Running of options i put to out, the delivery guy confessed that the forged my signatures and fallen the packet somewhere in the culture which i never found. At this point, nobody in indusind bank or investment company escalation team or management or leadership team cared about personal forgery & lacking documents.

Relationship manager doesn’t even react to calls, it takes 10-15 phone calls to even reach speak to her. Finally, she said she checked with the courier and i will forget everything and she’ll issue me a duplicate certificate for which i need to go to the bank and collect it or forget about it in total. No one, from any position or section, cared to consider any responsibility or possession of missing documents. To them its no issue if courier does this and its customer’s responsibility.

No manager at the bank branch. This branch has an acting manager – – he is very sorted. Says – i don’t care about all of your issues and you will go problem anywhere it generally does not have an effect on me. For whatever you can talk to your relationship supervisor, don’t call me. Relationship supervisor – sheetal – she is a kid who’s just eliminating time at this job, won’t take calls, does not have any or silly responses whenever she gives us the privilege of responding to the phone. No clue is acquired by her how things work, what’s serious and most importantly, she doesn’t caution whatever happens.

No matter how serious your issues is, how immediate it might be, they shall react only after 72 business hours. When they execute a junior support guy shall call, with no framework no scholarly research on the problem he will ask you to replicate whole ordeal. Then promise to reunite, vanish for 14 days and have any resolution never.

I had contacted some branch managers in delhi area who refused to be of any help. And directed me to all or any the e-mail ids i needed already escalated to. Based on my repeated painful experiences and the risk i run with them i will suggest everyone never to take this risk unless you want to waste your funds. Escalated to banking ombudsman, they will take 3-6 weeks to even react onto it.