15 Beauty Gurus That Made It Big On YouTube

YouTube is the ideal spot to look for funny cat videos or people dropping over, but it is also become a blissful haven for smart, funny and talented beauty experts. Listed below are 15 of the most successful and stunning gurus on YouTube. She has over 6 million subscribers and a makeup line that launched in August 2013. Named em Michelle plan, her makeup brand gets the backing of L’Oreal Luxe.

Luke increased to stardom doing celebrity makeup looks and vibrant eye makeup tutorials. She also released a line of makeup, called By Lauren Luke, which was supported by Sephora. 3. Blair Fowler (juicystar07) This bubbly YouTube celebrity not only uploads beauty lessons but also crafts and lifestyle videos. She’s over 1 million clients.

4. Tanya Burr is potentially the most enchanting British YouTube beauty expert out there. Her looks are classic and elegant. With over 2 million subscribers, Kandee shows her viewers how to master professional beauty basics in addition to a thrilling mixture of Halloween and celebrity looks. MissGlamorazzi promises beauty tips with a drop of her signature goofy appeal in every video.

Carli Bybel’s stunning blue eyes and 1.5 million audiences have pressed her in to the spotlight. Hill is an example of how a professional makeup designer with a bit of comfort before the camera can make YouTube a cozy place to call home. Who said beauty was all about the makeup? Hair requires a little help from time to time, too.

Zoella is the epitome of the wonder expert who also knows how to do an enjoyable blog. By the real way, she has 5 million subscribers nearly! With over 5 million subscribers, this bubbly beauty expert from Northern Ireland shall win you over. This beauty guru illustrates beautiful basics, with a little laughter thrown in on the comparative aspect.

With half of a million clients and over 200 videos, this Canadian residing in England is starting to feel the YouTube love. This beauty guru realizes that happiness deep isn’t just pores and skin. Her videos about attracting positivity into your daily life will only help that makeup does it’s job better. Finally, what would be without a few genuine laughs life? Her most famous video got over 57 million views. With her dry wit and tips on life she now has over 13 million subscribers.

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