Kaitlin’s Skin Care + DIY Scrub!

My second baby gifted me with more stretch marks than I care and attention to share. I attempted various products from vitamin E to the higher end TriLastin. I saw some results but wasn’t terribly impressed with the purchase price. I came across a coffee scrub that I have already been using religiously for 5 weeks now and have seen really great results.

The oils in the coffee penetrate the skin and help to repair the broken skin which has been displaying great results for me. I found sweetfoliations Face Scrub by Main and Catskill. The product was recommended if you ask me for its pores and skin repair characteristics. Even for the facial skin I found it reduced the circles around my eye (from my many sleepless evenings of baby feeding).

However, the berries can be toxic to humans. The snowberry shrub grows up to 3 feet. With these root base snowberries can be used to stabilize the ground on banks and slopes, especially around water features. The blossoms are white to light red at the ultimate end of twigs and upper leaf axils. Tolerant of pruning, it could be grown as a medium to tall hedge. This useful and flexible native is a good choice for some ornamental fall berries.

  • Makeup Tips
  • Lightweight, silky-soft, moisturizing liquid formula
  • 1 teaspoon of lime juice

Snowberry Hanstick ‘chenaultii’: Also known as chenault coralberry, is an East coast local that can be an undemanding 2 ft. 10 ft. spread workhorse that helps with erosion issues. In late summer, small pink flowers appear, followed by the rosy red fruits that persist well into winter. With a low spreading, self layering habit it is easily harvested completely sun or shade and a range of soils.

As with the other snowberry, it could be kept in order by pruning the spread and the rooted stems can be easily cut off and used elsewhere. Cotoneaster dammeri: Bearberry Cotoneasters is a few of the most versatile shrubs in your garden that especially provide themselves to espalier treatment. It is a fast-growing evergreen low shrub with creeping branches. It reaches 12-16 in.

Leaves are elliptical and leathery, with very fine tips and entire edges, about ¾ in. The top is dark and polished green while the underside is gray green. The leaves turn purple in autumn. The fragrant blossoms are usually single or 2-3 jointly in leaf axils. These are white with pink outer sides, with about twenty stamens and purple anthers. June The flowering period expands from May to. Fruits are bright red berries, remaining well into winter. The main system contains finely branched and incredibly shallow roots. The branches form origins at nodes when they strike the bottom.

Wintergreen (Gaultheria Ovatifolia): is a varieties shrub in the heath family which is known by common brands traditional western teaberry and Oregon spicy wintergreen. It really is native to traditional western No. America from British Columbia to California. This is a little low shrub with brief stems. The pointed, oval-shaped leaves are 2-3 3 centimeters long and green. The plant bears small, solitary bell-shaped flowers, which hang like tiny bells, in shades of white to very light pink with reddish bracts.

The fruits are a red berrylike capsule, which has been used in flavorings, oils, and teas. Kalleen mentioned these shrubs should be kept well watered. Beautyberry ‘Profusion’: Beautyberry shrubs grow up to 4-foot tall, with a slightly better spread. The arching branches bear pinkish to light purple flowers in summer, which mature into their signature light purple berries in autumn (even though the albafructus variety produces white berries). The shrub can be grown up in shade or sun. The fall foliage of Callicarpa dichotoma is yellow, but the berries are the most outstanding feature. Since blooms appear on new growth, this shrub can be easily pruned for shape without disturbing the probability of the beautiful berries.

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