Skin Care

If you reside in SW FL or any other hot and mild climate, this article is for you personally then! How will you treat your skin when the climate changes and there’s a ton of moisture and heat in the air? All the wetness that “sits” together with the skin along with particles from the environment will actually “stick” to your skin’s surface and even promote blockage of skin pores.

This is more true of the thicker, oilier skins. How will you exfoliate more? 4.25 each) with your cleanser every day. The quantity of pressure used depends on the resilience (thickness) of your skin. The thicker your skin, the more pressure you will use. Use a light to coarse physical scrub every day to every other day – utilize this as a 2nd cleanse – not instead of your actual cleanser.

  • Papaya For Nourish and Whitening Skin
  • Reasonably priced (Watsons RM68.80)
  • Hilary Stanton Zunin
  • Changes in hormones
  • Daniel Goh, editor of Style Magazine
  • Foot apply: Get a Foot Spray with reviving and deodorizing peppermint essential oil and menthol
  • L’Occitane Shea Dry Skin Hand Cream

Get your monthly peels done. Yes, MONTHLY. The more epidermis you remove, the more youthful, supple, and much healthier epidermis you shall develop! There are types of peels (light, medium, and deep). If you aren’t sure what to peel off to get, simply choose a light peel to start with. It is good practice to obtain a light peel, then a medium, then a deep and then cycle back around.

Changing up your skin’s treatments will keep it in “Tip-Top” shape! As mentioned above, you ought to be getting one peel off monthly and the next treatment should be another treatment designed to repair/replenish your skin. I provide a VIP Program that significantly reduces the price of treatments (including skin-chemical peels) as well as offer 15% off all Professional Retail at home.

The above 3 items will remove any post redness/irritation. WHAT DO I USE AT HOME? It really is vital to look after your skin at home! PLEASE do NOT use over-the-counter products on your skin. There is no reason to not be on professional skin care (especially when you have the option of getting it at a 15% discount)! Why in the global world do you get a professional treatment and use crap (yes, CRAP) on your skin? It is defeating the reason truly. Yes, a difference is made by it. With that said, you want, at the very least, a cleanser, toner, scrub, corrective, builder, and an off at all times on your countertop.

You will want to consider having some of each to alternate and even layer to improve the integrity of your skin layer. Microderm (Epicuren) – this is amazing – leaves your skin layer baby soft! At Skin Care By Jewls, I bring both PCA and Epicuren Professional Skin Care Lines for both back-bar treatments AND retail. They compliment one another very well.

PCA is my “Peel” and “Corrective” range and Epicuren is my “Builder” and “Luxury” series. I offer a 15% Discount Tuesday, Tuesday of every month on the 1st. I simply require to have your payment form on file prior to your order. Clients simply email me what product and size they need and I email them when their order is preparing to either be found or shipped out to them. Also, ALL VIP associates receive 15% discount on all skin care, all the right time.

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