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Have you sailed in stormy seas? No, I don’t sail or cruise trip. Is some serious business! Our Sue, the trooper ever, grabbed for every dish within her reach and kept on to them. The rest landed on the floor. Mighty banging and clattering originated from the kitchen as meals, glasses, kitchenware, and goodness understands what else crashed to the floor. Dishes, full drink pitchers even, slid off wait around channels in the dining area. Anyone position frantically tried to remain that way. Later on, there would be listing to starboard, too.

We would later learn, the list was a substantial 12 degrees! Even while many travelers were gathering their wits still, the fantastic crew of the Freedom of the Seas was in action already, doing what was needed: seeing to the security and comfort of their guests. Their priorities were to be able.

They paid special attention to young children and older people. At a table near us was a large family group, including several young children. The table back was pressed. In every of the hubbub, the chairs got arranged in a circle, occupied by adults, with the little ones placed in the middle of that protective circle. All week The staff was just fantastic.

This, in spite of the known reality that they had to work a great deal harder than typical, and put up with a huge number of grumpy, complaining passengers. The extra quantities we slipped to their envelopes on the yesterday evening was deserved and needed. CREW THANK YOU CARDS can be used rather than the standard tip envelopes that are provided. It’s a nice touch, especially when a crew member goes ‘above and beyond’ like the ones did on our wild ride on Freedom of the Seas. You’ll hear the announcement from the bridge for everyone to return to their staterooms.

Near the finish, people gather close to the elevators, waiting for the doors to open. They don’t really. In high seas, the standard process is to shut down elevators for security. Finally, a few grumbles are heard as someone telephone calls out that the elevators aren’t working, and everyone realizes they must climb multiple plane tickets of stairs on the rocking ship.

As I stated previously, we were the Windjammer when the dispatch outlined and the “Return to your stateroom’s” announcement was made. I have to again point out the valiant members of the staff, who had been incredible during the storm, and throughout the week. Even as we made our way out of the cafe, the staff formed a human chain. I saw swaying and stumbling but no falls.

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SE – Storage Container – Waterproof, 4.25×2.75x1in. – WP672, Colors May Vary very Handy! I use one of the after a cruise. Winds whipped huge bedding of water out of the children’s pool and over the deck. On our way out of the Windhammer, we got a good view of that which was taking place in the H2Ozone just beyond your Windjammer.

The water in the children’s pool (far still left in this picture) was bouncing up to about six ft, pausing in mid air, then blowing about 8 to 10 feet toward starboard, in sheets. The captain later told us that the private pools have been emptied completely, refilled again by the rainfall then, and emptied out by the breeze and waves again.