And, Are 3TB SSDs Even Available?

If you want to build your own PC but have no idea how to take action or where to start, I recommend that you take two steps before ordering anything. The first step is to check catalog of try your local library on recently released books on how to construct and repair your PC. There are many good books on this subject.

Just make sure that you get something that was lately published, as computer technology quickly gets updated very. If your local library does not have such books, you can find one on Amazon. You can even watch videos on YouTube, but I would recommend starting with a book because YouTube has great videos and has outright incorrect videos.

It is way better to truly have a general idea what is correct, and use YouTube as visual guides. Your next question shall be how to choose components that would work together, from thousands of options available. One of the options is to go to the website of 1 of custom PC builders. I could recommend Puget Systems, as they have a very professional internet site.

They do not specialize in gaming, and it shows – their target audience is another level, with more professional targets and requirements. They will not tell you what’s best for X-plane, but with graphical designers and video editors being their customer base, they know how to build the fastest computers possible.

They have good articles on assessment of components, and you will use their system configurator to identify parts which they consider reliable and which interact well. They also recommend instances with very followers which makes desktops greatly more fun quite. I bought a PC from them after some duration ago, then built a different one myself specifically for X-plane.

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With many years of experience with Dell and HP desktops, I had developed no idea how smooth and a well-built Personal computer which use good components could be very. Other pro-builders may have websites which are as good just, I have not seen them all. Be aware that a “custom built PC” is 60% to 100% more expensive than the same PC that you build yourself from components.

They offer great service and guarantee, but you pay for it. Just do yourself a favor and not buy a case with glass windows and all those lamps which gamers use. When you take a flight after dusk, your room should better be dark for full realism. You do not need those parasitic LED lights that remind you that you are at home. Once you understood how to build a PC and decided on components, you can estimate your cost and if it appears good order them from Amazon or Newegg. Both of these suppliers are sufficient to get anything you may need, but there are many more great suppliers around.

Your questions show that you in the beginning of this route and need to teach yourself on many things. People in this forum are extremely helpful, but no one shall do the leg work for you, and you are ultimately accountable for the money that you spend. We all involve some experience with computers and X-plane, but the majority of us are not professionals in these areas.

In many, if not most, if not absolutely all, modern motherboards, DRAM modules must be installed in pairs. You can install 2 modules, or 4, or 6, or 8, depending about how many slot machines your motherboard has. You cannot simply use a single one, sorry. 3TB is a significant amount of for a primary drive because it is one’s body drive and you need to again back it up regularly. Opinions might vary, I love to have a 512 GB major disk. If it’s getting full, time to completely clean it up. X-plane sits on another drive. Videos and pictures on another drive.

If you keep everything on a single huge drive and it fails, you lose everything at onetime. Every week – what kind of back-up drive, would that require and you cannot online backup 3 TB, to keep several disk images from different weeks? And, are 3TB SSDs available even?