Heroine Makeup Smooth Cover Powder Clear [Mineral] (Kiss Me)

I always needed a translucent powder for touching up. Touching up with powder foundation makes my face cakes. Anyway, when I see SASA have a sale I proceeded to go and got it. I get the hands-cream haha also. I’ll make the review later. This one is the new method with mineral.

This is my first time with Kiss Me product therefore I have no idea what the different. Covers skin pores and prevents make up deterioration. A smooth puff for a straight finish. Finishing and touching up your makeup. Its accent color allows it to blend in well with makeup base or foundation of any color.

Perfect not limited to after liquid foundation also for touch-up to unwonted shin. Delicate scent of roses. Compact case with mirror. Available at Watson and SASA. Price Rm50.90 but I got at low price around RM35.90. First of all, the case. The situation is bulky and I expect it to have a separate compartment for the puff. But as you can see inside it just have an obvious plastic separator.

  • Name one thing on your bucket list
  • Leaving your armpits to dry
  • Changes in your bloodstream pressure
  • Bottle for storage space
  • Where you mostly get acne

Honestly I hate that plastic thing as I always lost them. Since it mentions on the box, the puff is custom made for a smooth surface finish. The puff is smooth and glides easily at my face really. I love it hahaha xD. The texture of the powder is smooth. This is the finishing powder so I don’t expect it to protect anything. Within the last picture while being watching it at my hand there is nothing at all there haha. So if it is worn by the powder by itself, you won’t make any dissimilar to my face. When wear under base makeup, it can control sparkle 4-5 hours almost. It has a decent oil control. What I do like is once I touch up, it generally does not cake even though I put a great deal of product. It really a good finishing and touch up makeup!

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