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You need to know why you need a PC, then relax and choose the PC settings that will help you achieve your goals. The first thing is that each computer was made with a purpose at heart. Regardless of your objectives, there’s a computer out for you there.

Whether you want to stream films, play games, setup an online business, design in Photoshop, build apps, write codes or spy on ISIS even, you can get a computer that will match your objective easily. Unfortunately, you shall have to look before you get it. It isn’t just about looking, you first need to know what you are looking for; otherwise, you shall miss it when you view it. What you ought to Consider Choosing the Best PC Configuration for Your needs. 1. HOW WILL YOU Intend to Use Your Computer? The operating system is the core of your PC.

Without it, your personal computer is only a plastic. It allows your hardware and software to work together to achieve an objective. You need to make a decision which kind of operating-system you need. Windows is by far, the most popular operating-system used worldwide. It is very intuitive and easy to master. You can find thousands of guides and tutorials about how to resolve any Windows operating system-related problems on the internet.

Mac Operating-system is for individuals who use their PC heavily and needs a long-lasting electric battery life. The great thing about this operating-system is, it has fewer issues with malware and viruses, unlike Windows operating-system. However, you shall need to pay higher to get such PC. The lesser-known operating system is Chrome OS which can be used exclusively in the Chromebook.

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It is mostly for those that want to run custom applications and cloud-based programs instead of traditional software. After the center, it comes from the mind. The processor of your personal computer can be likened to the mind. It is your processor that determines the type of software one’s body can run. It is also this technology that establishes just how many programs can be run at the same time.

You should choose between Intel and AMD Processor. You can always see Intel processors generally in most Windows PC and even on modern MacBooks. Core i3: Ideal for simple tasks like reading email messages and surfing internet sites. Core-i55: For average use like loading movies. It can also multi-task.

Core i7: For heavy users. Designed for graphic designers, videographers, and everyone that intensely use a personal computer. A8: for average users. Could be used for 3D gaming. FX: for those that need to run very heavy duties. When it comes to storage, you will need to choose between HD and SSD drives.

Your choice will depend on our need, and undoubtedly, your allowance. HDDs are the traditional drives. The great thing about them is that they provide a complete lot of storage capabilities. Unfortunately, their sizes to make sure they are enhancing the weight of the laptop. They generate a lot of warmth and noise also.