Parts Of The Disk

As we realize the hard drive is the storage space of data and documents, as well as the system OS and application programs installed. Hardisk actually maintain the grade with a Memory, memory that is permanent, because the stored data and documents will never be lost after a functional system failing. In the HDD, there are several critical components, by knowing the different parts of this Notebook we can better preserve our hard drive so that we secure documents and data stored onto it.

Because if you have important data, so if your hard drive is broken the data you also were broken then. However when Mother Boards or other components are not damaged as the hard drive is damaged, you can replace the other components and install your hard drive and the info in it remains secure.

The disc contains several tracks, and some sectors, where actor and track this are where the data storage and file system. For instance our hard drives with a capacity of 40 GB, when the format is its capacity to 40 Gb. ID identifier of formatting the hard drive. This tool serves to learn data on the top of the dish and record information to the hard drive dalamnya. Setiap plate has two heads. Satu above the surface and one below the top.

Logic Board is a plank on the hard disk operation, where in fact the logic board so that there is a Bios HDD hard drive when linked to the Mother Board automatically identify the hard drive, such as Maxtor, Seagate etc.Bios hard drive is also a change Logic Board or POWER and distribution of data from the HDD to Head ki mother table for control by the processor. May be the axis for a handle or as a robotic arm that can be read sector Head of the hard drive.

Is the linking cable between your hard drive with motherboard to send or receive data? Each hardly have jumper settings, its function is to look for the position of the hard drive. When we installed on the computer hard drive 2 items, then by setting up jumper settings we can determine where in fact the hard drive where in fact the primary and supplementary hard disk is usually called the Master and Slave. Master is the main hard drive where the operational system is installed, while the Slave is the next hard drive is necessary for storage of documents and data usually.

When the jumper configurations on the Master is not the main hard drive where in fact the system is installed, while the Slave is the second hard drive is usually necessary for storage of documents and data. When the jumper configurations are not set, then your hard drive will not work. Maybe the current source from the energy source directly. Voltage 12 Volt acts to drive the mechanics such as Head and dish.

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