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Third, humor leads to sharing. Think about it. What’s some of the most distributed content on interpersonal media? It’s things like crazy kitty videos and absurd memes. Take Grumpy Cat, Condescending Wonka, and First World Problems, for example. If a person results in something that elicits a legitimate laugh, there’s a high possibility they’ll talk about it with others. If you play your cards right, a humor-infused content advertising campaign can go viral.

In my estimation, humor is also a great equalizer and gets the potential to bridge the gap between small companies and their much larger counterparts. Take Buck Shave Golf club Just, for example. This is a little company specializing in razor blades and shaving accessories fairly. It’s a drop in a very large bucket of the shaving industry, and it’s against mega-competition such as Gillette, Remington, and Bic.

615 million. Not shabby too. I’d say that a big cause of the success of Dollar Shave Club is their humor. Although they didn’t have the massive budget of their huge corporate and business competitors, they grasped how to capture the attention of their audience with laughter. Do some social people find it offensive? The company crushed it. Of October As, 2016, this ad was viewed over 23.5 million times on YouTube.

This just goes to show that even obscure brands who are up against seemingly insurmountable odds can claim their piece of the pie (and more) by weaving humor to their content marketing. Now that we’ve founded why laughter works, let’s talk about how exactly it can be used by you to amp up your campaign. For this good reason, it’s critical you grasp your audience and come up with an approach they’ll find legitimately funny. You need a position that makes sense and that will strike its mark. Everything you don’t want is perfect for your message to come across as being overly offensive, crass, or distasteful.

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This obviously won’t do your brand reputation any favors. The main element is to come up with a position that your unique audience is likely to react to. You don’t need to worry about pleasing everyone, but it’s essential to produce (or curate) the right funny content that’s going to stick. Authenticity is another key ingredient in the success of laughter marketing. It requires reveal what your brand is focused on. Let’s look again at Dollar Shave Membership once. You could consider their brand of humor as edgy, blunt, and non-conservative. They don’t fit the original mildew of razor blade suppliers, and they’re fine with that totally. In fact, they fully embrace their brazen and brassy behavior.

That’s why their humor-centric advertisements hit the ideal note. The ads align flawlessly with their brand identity, and people positively have responded. To recap, you first need to know exactly whom you’re trying to attain and then align your content around your brand. If you can do both of these things, your chances of success will exponentially increase. The more complicated and complex your humor is, the more likely it is to miss the mark. If it requires to be described, it immediately manages to lose its performance.