How To BUILD A Facebook Fan Page

Creating your Facebook lover web page is the first step in Facebook marketing. Make a Facebook Enthusiast Web page as a genuine way to talk to your customers. Utilize the channel to build your brand and to gain the ability to respond quickly to customers’ comments, feedback, and questions. Here’s a feature overview (courtesy: Facebook Pages). Your Facebook lover page should be considered an interactive and dynamic digital hub for your brand.

Here’s how to get started. Choosing the right category and web page name helps your followers, customers, and prospects to find you easily. It also lets those who don’t find out about you find instantly who you are and what you do. Picking the right category and page name also helps with SEO (search engine optimization) and allows for extra visibility and traffic from search engines. Marketing site MarketingGum has more on what each type of page means and how to choose the correct one.

But unless you are an artist, musician, public physique or in the entertainment industry, you’ll likely be choosing main three. Important: You can transform the name and group of your Facebook fan page down the road, but you can’t change the kind of page, so choose carefully. Next, you’ll want to download your logo and some images. Assume you have been marketing your business for some right time across multiple channels.

You’ll want to keep the logo consistent. Your photos should give guests an instant knowledge of your business and the products you provide. Check out how major brands like Windows and Coca Cola have used the logo and photos to develop their brands. Step three 3: Complete the facts.

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Fill in the essential information about your business and add your website URL. Think about Facebook as an interpersonal home window to your business. Everything you write helps create first impressions here. So use the right tone of voice and personality to represent your business well. Facebook provides you a dedicated Web address for your Facebook enthusiast page automatically. However, the initial one (default URL) is a mishmash of numbers, characters, and weird symbols no one would remember ever.

Instead, declare your Vanity URL and change the address of your page to become more descriptive of your business. This will make it simpler to remember and to promote on later. Think about cover photos as flexible billboards. You can change the picture as many times as you like. The standard size for the cover picture is 851 by 315 pixels.