Future Of CIO

Digital CIOs, Rise for Changes! The purpose of “CIO Master – Unleash the Digital Potential of IT” is to provide suggestions for building a framework to run an efficient, innovative, and highly older digital IT company highly. Also, it provides the principles to reinvent CIO leadership to practice multitudes of digital influence.

Part I: The Changing Role of Digital CIO: The prominence of the CIO role has increased greatly since it has become an increasingly important success factor of the digital organization. The CIO position has a shorter history, but a more powerful role to try out due to the continuous changes in technology and information. Compare to the other executive positions, the CIO role is still shaken up, refined, reinvented, and reenergized.

Chapter 1-Twelve Digital CIO Personas: Because of the changing nature of the digital business, the omnipresence of technology and the great quantity of information, the IT command role is still reimagined, refined, refreshed, and reinvented. All too often the belief would be that the CIO is a glorified geek. Chapter 3 CIO as Change Agent: Change is one of the very most popular words in the 21st century. Why change is so difficult and what really helps to keep C-suite executives from embracing organizational change is FEAR: concern with letting go of heroic management, fear of dropping control, concern with navigating through uncharted territory, fear of chaos.

But change is unavoidable, because of the changing character of technology, CIOs shouldn’t get forced for the change, they are actually in a much better position to play such a role as a change agent in leading organizations’ change and digital change. Chapter 4 CIO as Talent Master: Folks are always the most very helpful asset in businesses.

“Hiring the right person for the right position at the right time,” is the mantra of many forward-thinking organizations. The relevant question is how do you determine the right people? How do you define wrong, average, mediocre, good, great, or extraordinary person? Or quite simply, for what should they be right?

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Part II: Unleash the Digital Potential from it: The business enterprise paradigm is shifting from the industrial age to a new digital era. Digital organizations are hyper connected, and interdependent, plus they have to keep adjusting to the digital new normal with “VUCA” characteristics -Velocity, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. Chapter 5 Thirteen Digital Flavored IT: All forward-looking companies claim they are an information business.

Thus, companies across sectors work on enhancements and modernizing their systems, to be able to boost customer experiences, build business capabilities, and improve organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and agility. IT should play a critical role in radical digital change. As generally, technology is a significant digital disruption today, the goal of digital change is to embed digital technology into key business processes, to optimize business capabilities and competencies to compete for the future.

IT is the business, digital transformation is neither an IT project nor a functional change, it’s a tactical effort for business leapfrogging. From the IT management perspective, we introduce 13 “digital-flavored IT” to speed up the digital transformation in this chapter. Chapter 6-Digital Strategy-Execution Continuum: The biggest challenge now is the increasing rate of change, and this isn’t going to improve! Preparing a proper plan is important because it points the business in a path where it can maximize its value position and enjoy as many benefits as you can. This path must allow for economic, market, or customer change and let the business adjust quickly. Alternatives and adaptation will be the keywords to survival.