Thank you, Kate. That was quick! Can you be more likely to say things such as “This carpenter is actually good at making racks”? Both of these are fine. I’m not sure that helps you, but that is what I’d be more likely to say. But both “does a really good job of earning shelves” and “is actually good at making racks” are perfectly fine and idiomatic.

23. Caleb has a music store and is creating an advertisement group for musical instrument leases. What would be the most likely website landing page for his ad? 24. What bidding strategy should Tracy, a pizzeria owner, use to obtain additional visitors to call her business? 25. Using the paid & organic report for her travel website, Karen observed a high organic clicks/query rate for the search query “Hawaii vacations relatively.” Exactly what does this mean? 26. Why would an advertiser use sitelinks?

27. Which strategy should Giorgio use to raise the number of relevant clicks from his Search Network campaign? 29. Nadia handles a local fitness center and is operating an ad to drive more trial offer memberships. What could she include in her ad text? 30. What’s one of the main advantages of using advertisement extensions?

31. Adam, a flower shop owner, desires to drive calls to his store. Which Google Ads tool should he use to monitor how many phone calls result from advertisement clicks on a mobile phone? 33. When making text ads to advertise a client’s small chain of Italian restaurants, what in the event you use in the ad text message to make it persuasive to potential customers? 34. Your client wants to increase the number of people visiting his website. When examining the info for his Search marketing campaign, which metric do you most want to boost? 36. Data for your client implies that more approximated total conversions are via cellular devices versus computers and tablets.

How do you require this data to optimize your client’s bidding strategy? 40. When critiquing your client’s Search Network campaign, you notice that an ad in one of the ad groupings has a lesser average position. Which automated bid strategy should you use to help improve the position of these ads? 42. Cliff just started working with a client who has a very disorganized Google Ads account.

What’s a highly effective method for him to begin restructuring his client’s accounts? 43. What happens consequently of a search campaign meeting its daily budget consistently? 44. Sally’s Spice Store markets a number of spices and healthy food preparation ingredients. Which targeting method should Sally choose if she is wanted by her ads to show on websites that focus on health, wellbeing, and home-cooking? 46. What does a high Quality Score indicate?

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  • Electronic Communication Policy
  • Nvidia Installer says “Nvidia Installer Failed”
  • Watch, view or play video

48. What happens when a campaign meets its average daily budget consistently? 49. Susan’s SHOE offers a number of sports activities equipment and clothing. How should Susan setup her Google Ads account? 50. How should an advertiser with stores in both India and Germany setup an Google Ads account to focus on users in these different locations?

51. How much are you charged for a click on your Google Ads advertisement? 52. Tom wants to market his windshield repair company’s crisis service by reaching people when they’re searching for help. Which marketing campaign type is a good fit? 53. What value is used to determine whether your ad shall show on a page and, if so, the ad’s position?

54. Clyde desires to improve the profile of his dance college. 55. Laura runs an online store with a huge inventory of children’s toys and games. Which ad format would you utilize for Laura’s campaign to reach people interested in purchasing children’s games? 56. An marketer wants to show a text advertisement which includes extra details like the business’s mobile phone and location amount.

Which advertisement format if the marketer use? 57. What’s a advantage of having multiple ads in an ad group? 60. Which client would you suggest to use radius targeting? 61. Why might the “Search can be used by you Network campaigns with Display opt-in” campaign type? 62. Your customer wants to show ads to people who’ve stopped at her website before. Which Google Ads feature do you recommend she use?