Desert Nun News

It’s been much too long since I sat down to write a blog. Each day has been very full, very full indeed! But, at long last, I am able to grab a few moments to fill up you all in on the goings on at Our Lady of Solitude. There is indeed much going on! On July 1st we’d two young females begin a period of discernment with this community (called candidacy).

Please, keep them in your prayers as they continue to discern God’s Will for his or her life. The other day the seats for the Nuns’ Mass Choir and the Nuns’ Adoration Choir was being installed. It appears so beautiful and complete (photos to check out soon). It really is monsoon season in the desert of Arizona.

And every year I am astonished by this season. I keep in mind when we first moved here, the locals would say how they loved the monsoon season. It had been thought by me was strange as, in addition to high heat, you have the added ‘reward’ of moisture. Via Alabama, I really do appreciate the dried-out heat.

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But I have to say, regardless of the moisture, monsoon season continues to wiggle its way into my love! There is certainly something very inexplicable and beautiful in regards to a desert storm – the yellow skies, the violent winds, the smell of the desert rainfall, and the arid ground rejoicing in the needed dampness. We have acquired our fair share of monsoon storms here in Tonopah up to now this summer – and thankfully we’ve become some rain along with the blowing dirt and thunder! We’ve even acquired a rainbow or two!

Last week we’d an especially treacherous looking dirt storm blow through. They always result from the East, it seems, blowing in from the Valley of sunlight. And these storms get there with a little caution. The clear blue desert sky is replaced by a heavy brownish cloud that is hard to spell it out. Here are some photos for our blog fans who have not experienced a dust surprise in the desert. Which certain helplessness that comes upon us as we watch these storms roll in. And understand that there are blue skies above the dirt.

It’s much like life, I assume. Especially, in occasions of helplessness in the midst of the storm. There are times in life whenever we get a little glimpse of reality and know how little and vulnerable and helpless we are. But such occasions, if we are attentive, are always along with a clearer glimpse of the greater reality of the power and power and safeguarding love of Our Father.

And if one has a close romantic relationship with them, it is likely to be easier for them to understand where one is coming from. Maybe it’s said you can send an exclusive message instead of writing on the wall, but this isn’t going to be exactly like having a discussion with someone in the real world. However, one might not want to talk about what actually occurs in their life and they may not want to share certain parts of their life either.

Instead, they might feel the need to talk about things that have very little to do with the life they actually lead. If these were to only concentrate on the good parts, they could feel that their life is not good enough. Also, maybe it’s a sign that their life is not so fulfilling and this then causes them to make a false life. The kinds of things they write are then not a reflection of the life they lead about; they have been made up to create a certain impression.

Their pictures may possibly also create the impression that they are always happy, for example, but this may be nothing more than an illusion. Yet another way of looking as of this would be to say that they see interpersonal media as a stage and it is then important for them to put up their finest performance.

And through writing the ‘right’ things and posting the ‘right’ pictures, it shall enable them to put in the best performance. Other people may then come to the final outcome that is a genuine reflection of their life, and this might lead to them to experience discontentment then. They could end up finding out about to the person who looks as if they you live the perfect life. They could say to themselves that they would like to experience life in the same way and they could even ask them for advice.