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How do you profit from your WordPress blog? WordPress is also the king when it comes to making money with your site. You are free to use any monetization strategy that you want entirely. You can even use Google Adsense on WordPress. On Blogger, you rely more on Google’s integration with Google Adsense.

The open-source community behind WordPress provides many of the unique benefits and benefits of the platform. WordPress will save you weeks of plenty and time of money. You won’t need to create or build any feature or functionality from scratch. There’s a design or plugin theme for anything. More than 55 There’re, 000 free WordPress plugins and thousands of free WordPress design themes that you can choose from. Most of them are free. All of this without having to learn how to code.

Blogger hasn’t seen any development from Google for a while. The user interface and usability look outdated compared to newer platforms. The plugin and theme options too are seriously lacking. This known fact makes Blogger not the best choice as it pertains to long-term sustainability. It just cannot compare to WordPress, a platform that is upgraded and improved by the active community of developers continuously.

The truth that the platform is so versatile and that it places you in full control also means that there’s a medium-sized learning curve. You need to register a domain name also, find a host, and manage the security and back-up of your content. There are plugins that may help you with this technique.

Summary: WordPress is an extremely advanced and extensible system meaning it includes a medium-sized learning curve. WordPress gives you complete and full control over your content. You can find in-built features to import content but also to export content to other platforms or download all the content to your computer. A free of charge tool has been developed by the WordPress community to transfer posts, images, and comments from Blogger to WordPress. This “Blogger Importer” plugin was used by more than 500,000 people to transfer their Blogger content to WordPress.

Here’s my complete guide on how to go from Blogger to WordPress. Summary: WordPress makes it easy to export and transfer your own content including content from Blogger. Blogger is an easy platform. It’s easy to use and gets you writing reasonably quickly and you don’t need to worry about safety, hosting, maintenance, or backups.

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Google takes care of that for you and is as simple as it gets for you. With WordPress, you run and own your website, which means you should also care for the maintenance and make sure you use strong passwords and take regular backups. Enough Luckily, the massive open-source community has built many features that produce all this simple. These features are the capability to update to the latest WordPress version automatically, to automatically take backups but also ways to secure a WordPress site.

Summary: Blogger will everything for you. You don’t need to worry about updating anything, doing any maintenance or other things. On WordPress, it’s all your responsibility. Blogger is a free product from a large corporation. The support you can get is minimal. WordPress, on the other hand, has an enormous community of supporters and designers who are willing to help.

There are also multitudes of WordPress resources, people prepared to help, meetups and conferences. Over 75 million people and brands have chosen to use WordPress to create a wide range of beautiful and impressive sites. Lots of the largest organizations such as Facebook, Google Ventures, eBay, CNN, NASA, and Mozilla too use it. Here’s a list of Fortune 500 companies using WordPress to power their blogs.