Why US DOT Registration is Important

You will need to register as a USDOT owner if you own a business. If your company transports hazardous materials, or more than eight persons, you will need this number. A USDOT number is not required if you’re only doing intrastate commerce. If you’re in doubt, read on for some tips and information. Below are some common reasons to register your company. In case you have any questions with regards to where in addition to tips on how to utilize BOC-3, you can e-mail us from the webpage.

Why US DOT Registration is Important 1

First, you must meet minimum safety standards. The FMCSA (part of the Department of Transportation) sets minimum standards to allow new entrants. These requirements ensure new entrants understand and comply with safety standards. New entrants need to pass a strict safety audit in order to be allowed into interstate commerce after they have obtained a USDOT Number. The deadline for comments is July 12, 2002. This will allow you sufficient time to complete your comments and regain USDOT registration.

DOT Registration is necessary for any business that transports goods or passengers across state lines. This is required for all vehicles carrying more than eight passengers, or 15 people without compensation. If you are transporting hazardous material, you will also need a USDOT Number. You will also need a USDOT Number if your vehicle carries more passengers than 16 or weighs more then ten thousand pounds. The registration process is simple if you use US Compliance Services.

Online registration of the US DOT can be done through a downloadable application or online. The appropriate application form is required for each applicant. There are three forms to fill out, and carriers should select the one they need. Nearly all carriers use the MCS-150 form. The MCS150B or MCS150C forms combine HazMat and USDOT application.

If you are applying US DOT registration numbers on a vehicle, ensure that the size is large enough that it can be easily seen from 50 feet away. Vinyl decals made from die-cut vinyl are the best way to apply stickers. These decals come with numbers pre-spaced on a mask sheet. Most dealers will provide an application tool. Once you have selected the size of the sticker, you can apply it.

Some businesses do not need to register with the US DOT and can go without it. Depending on the type and size of your business, you may only require a state license. You can contact the USDOT to find out more and get guidance about whether or not you need a USDOT registration. It is important to know that vehicles used for non-profit organizations, farm equipment, landscaping, and other purposes have special requirements. Register with your state government agency, even if your vehicle isn’t covered under a federal or official statement state-DOT registration.

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