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At Cleopatra Nails, we provide your hands and foot with the nurturing, attentive care they deserve. You might leave with hands and foot that are refreshed, easy, and accented with long-lasting color. We provide a wide variety of nail enhancements to achieve the look you want. Our nail technicians are experienced and well-trained in all forms of artificial nail application and maintenance. We understand that waxing is personal, so we’re committed to making you comfortable, both through friendly, straightforward service and the very best waxing products available. Welcome to Cleopatra Nails of East Point, GA where your comfort and security are out priority.

Indulge yourself with our luxurious treatment from a complete line of fingernails, pores and skin, a spa care designed to pamper, refresh, and restore your system & mind. As being a guest, you are entitled to the finest products and services available. Our innovative pipe-less instrument and chair are sterilized after every use to make sure your protection. Rest assure that you will be in good hands at Cleopatra Nails of East Point, GA.

Homemade sunscreens on Pinterest may look quite, and smell even prettier, but the majority of them won’t shield you from sunburn or epidermis tumor, new research shows. Dr. Julie Merten of the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, the lead author of the new study, told Reuters Health by mobile phone. THE UNITED STATES Food and Drug Administration have tested, and approved 17 active sunscreen elements, but concerns ranging from coral reef damage to hormone disruption have led many visitors to seek out alternatives.

Dr. Merten and her co-workers analyzed an example of 189 pins mentioning homemade or natural sunscreen. Coconut oil was the most common ingredient. Many dishes alsohighlighted lavender essential oil, raspberry oil, shea butter, or beeswax. Dr. David Leffell, a teacher of surgery and dermatology at Yale College of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut, reviewed the analysis for Reuters Health. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using a water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 that is broad spectrum, meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB.

Combining the wonders of guasa, a historical Chinese beauty therapy with modern skin care products is how four women maintain their healthy outlook, JULIA JAAFAR finds out. THERE are some modern women who think of traditional beauty techniques little, dismissing historic secrets and tools as plain old-fashioned. Who needs them if perfect skin may be accomplished with a myriad of products available for sale? Things transformed in 1989 when her friends secretly submitted her name for the Mrs Malaysia Beauty Pageant. “Up till then, I thought all you had a need to clean that person was soap,” reminisced Ruslina who was forced to get help from an expert to assist with her make-up and teach her how to walk.

The pageant totally changed her from insect to butterfly though things didn’t remain rosy for long. In her mid-30s, she was struck with multiple ailments that brought upon a host of skin troubles, caused by the medication she was forced to take. Flaky epidermis, freckles, pigmentation (which almost protected her entire face) and the introduction of protein beads were among her woes. “Daily guasa helps,” said Ruslina who was introduced to the treatment, alongside Elken’s skin care range two years ago. Could they have bad epidermis possibly? Well, those who notice are mainly the make-up artists – people who actually know her skin well.

My awesome friend Ashley @ashleysuemakeup delivered me Maybelline’s Gilded in Gold Palette for my birthday last month! Today I’ll be writing my thoughts about this palette and a makeup look, which I created. I like the way the trays glide available to the highlighter really! This palette is gorgeous! I love what sort of variety can be created by me of looks with the shades!

  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • Tom Rush, “The Circle Game”
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  • Make your week old nail polish look new again – rub a small dab on the polish
  • Apply foundation with a sponge or brush to reduce irritation
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  • Is somewhat pricey

To mix things up, I created another look rather than the look that were instructed on the trunk of the package. This is a new palette from Maybelline and I’m quite impressed especially with how the colors last the majority of your day! I used NYX Eyeshadow Base in Flesh Tone to test the pigmentation, and long-lasting ability.

It works great, and the color stays very well! I really like how this palette doesn’t have much fallout and all shades feel so buttery! Of the day The lip color in this palette is very pigmented and it also lasts most! I used the eyeliner pencil to make a winged eyeliner to visit with this look which glided across my lid easily.

The blush isn’t everything that pigmented, nevertheless, you can build a color which is good. The highlighter that is provided in this palette is very pigmented. I really don’t have any cons about this palette and I forgot to say that palette is travel friendly and it suits perfectly in most of my makeup hand bags. Thanks again Ashley for sending me such a beautiful palette for my birthday!