Following His Upset Win Over Peterson

Mayor Greg Ballard’s re-election campaign has launched a new ad that attacks his Democratic opponent, Melina Kennedy, for supporting the tax increase four years back that helped sink previous Mayor Bart Peterson’s campaign. The ad promises Kennedy was serving as Peterson’s deputy mayor at that time the taxes increase was proposed. That is untrue. Kennedy remaining Mayor Peterson’s administration in 2004, 3 years before the tax increase was proposed and at the same time Peterson was still publicly declaring his opposition to higher taxes.

Kennedy do, however, support the taxes increase for public safety financing. Four years back, Ballard opposed the taxes increase at exactly the same time he was encouraging to include 750 new police officers. Following his upset win over Peterson, Ballard refused to repeal the taxes increase transferred by the Democratic-controlled council and never hired any additional police officers.

He stated that the budget suggested by Peterson and approved by the Democrat council didn’t appropriate the costs of law enforcement over-time work. In fact, he raised other taxes and fees within the last four years to support spending on the Capital Improvement Board and budget items other than public security. Ballard takes credit for lower property fees that are completely the consequence of action taken by the condition legislature and Gov. Mitch Daniels, which were only permitted by walking the state sales taxes a full percentage point. Given Ballard’s vulnerability with this issue, one has to wonder if it was a smart decision to attack Kennedy for being a proponent of higher taxes.

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The negative strike advertisement against Kennedy appears to suggest Ballard may not have the double-digit business lead in the polls his advertising campaign claims their polling data shows he presently keeps in the competition. Democrats declare a poll of their own shows their candidate with a 2-point business lead. Neither marketing campaign has publicly distributed the combination tabs to allow for independent analysis of their respective polls.

Unfortunately, less than 24 hours after the poll premiered, the Mayor began unleashing a personal and misleading attack ad. In the ad, the Mayor claims which i supported money tax increase while I had been Deputy Mayor. No role was acquired by me in this. And, if he could be referring to the Local Option Income Tax (LOIT) increase in 2007, this happened 2 yrs after I remaining my position with the populous city. And more disappointing is that Mayor Ballard made a campaign pledge in 2008 to totally repeal the LOIT. Not only has he damaged this promise, but since taking office he has raised taxes, fees and rates more than 140 times – 143 to be precise.

These taxes hikes imposed by the Mayor have stifled job creation throughout our city. And, the Mayor’s taxes increases have made it more challenging for entrepreneurs, small businesses and working households to survive and succeed in our city. I am available to discussing our records and discussing the problems, but to attack myself and try to mislead the public with distorted facts is the worst type of politics. The Mayor has claimed never to be politics, but his assault ads are only a vastly political move to try and keep his job. In response to your ad, Kennedy is trying to mislead voters by deflecting to another income tax increase that happened later for the reason that administration.

Melina Kennedy offered as Deputy Mayor in 2005 when the COIT increased from .7 to at least one 1 – that’s a 43% income tax increase. During her last advertising campaign, the Indianapolis Star reported that “she would support a tax increase to fund” her proposals. While attacking Mayor Ballard constantly, Melina Kennedy attempts to cover up her record on fees and fees.

For example, when she served as Deputy Mayor, Melina Kennedy promoted raising the hotel taxes, car rental tax, restaurant tax, and ticket tax. Again, I’m uncertain why Ballard chose this problem to strike Kennedy’s record. It’s just too easy for her to play tit for tat and undermine his campaign meme that he in some way reduced taxes in the past four years, which really is a fake claim patently. Ironically, Ballard pushed raising the hotel tax, car rental tax, admissions tax, etc. when the legislature had been asked by him for assist in bailing out the CIB.

33.5 million handout to the billionaire Simons’ Indiana Pacers. His 2012 budget calls for a series of budget methods to make what’s in any other case an unbalanced budget seem to be balanced by moving money around between funds and phoning for unspecified budget reductions. It’s deja vu all over again, as the saying goes. Yr if he could be re-elected Everyone understands Ballard will be requesting a taxes increase next.