How to get hired

Tips for getting hired

Know about the company
You are going to interview with. Find out what they make and when they stated and if you can the key figures in the co. IE: We once had a company that wanted all new applicants/candidates to read the company web page and know about they for interviews. So the president of the co came in an asked a young mechanical engineer so John what did you think about our website. John answered and said I didn’t have time to read it. And the company president said thanks for coming enjoy the ride home. So sometime s you don’t get a second chance to make a good impression.
Show up 15 minutes before your interview time
If the company is taking time to interview you then they think you have some of the skills they want or need so don’t waste their time it’s valuable.
Take a pen and pencil with you and 3 copies of your resume.
A good HR manager knows with a few minutes who to move forward with. IF you take your resume and the HR manager ask you to fill out the application and sign they are seeing if you can follow directions and give them the legal right to check your background.
Dress for success.
Cover your tats. We all know you are proud of your body ink and piercing but the company does want to hire a professional to go into a client’s office as someone looking fresh out of the tattoo parlor. Not professional at all and you won’t get the job. Cover them up and show them on casual Friday if they have one but not on an interview.
Take a list of your references.
No personal ones like friends or relatives. A company don’t care if your friend Billy Bob at the old plant thinks you are a good worker. Get it for a reference of a manager or supervisor that liked you to give one. And by law all a good HR manager can ask is dates of employment. So John Smith worked for you and was a good guy knew his stuff and showed up on time. A good HR mgr by law can said Mr. Smith work for January 4, 2014 to March 15th, 2016. The only think by law they scan ask different is would he be eligible for rehire? Yes or no is the answer by law.
Body position
Don’t slouch like you just work up or are falling asleep. And don’t get to close to the HR mgr. either and invade their space. They don’t want to smell what you had for Lunch on your breath.
Stay on the track.
And don’t get off track in the interview by asking question of the interviewer. We one had a salesman go in for an interview and saw the guy interviewing him was a fisherman too. So he asked for the next 45 minutes where he liked to fish and what sizes he had caught. Stick to the position and hat you are there for,
A job. And he didn’t get hired.
Social pages
Don’t put up on your Facebook page about how many beers you drank at the party Saturday night and who you slept with. HR mgrs. Now check these for info about you. If you have to kiss tell the world put it on snap chat or something like it.